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A brand new Kilkenny initiative in conjunction with Kilkenomics is offering Irish startups and existing small; large and medium companies an opportunity to fast-track their business through investment and will be offering this potentially-life-changing opportunity at this year’s Kilkenomics Festival Nov 9 – 12th, 2017.


12 companies selected by the open programme will pitch their companies at the tech event, with the winners receiving investment between €10,000 and €100,000 in their companies  and open up access for the companies to a vast network of investors, coaches, mentors and customers.

*Investment can be up to €100,000.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago… there’s tribe of Stone age people sheltering under a tree from a violent storm, a flash of lightning strikes the tree depositing a flaming branch at their feet – the first fire. The vast majority of the tribe step forward and bask in the warn glow ‘well that’s us sorted’ they say ‘it’s never going to get any better than this’. Except for one restless individual ‘that’s all very well’ he says ‘but I’m going for a look over the next hill, there might be something better there’….. Kilkenomics is looking for the people who can take us over the next hill because without them we’d still be sat around a flaming branch in loin cloths. Mike Driver

Founder, Convex Capital

I’m really pleased to team up with Mike Driver on this new initiative. He’s always looking at how to add value, a sort of default position with him. And to have fun while doing it. Serious and fun, a little like Kilkenomics itself, I guess. I have no doubt that with Mike involved, Pitchenomics can achieve something that ticks both of those boxes.

Richard Cook

Co Director, Kilkenomics


Since its launch in 2010, Kilkenomics has been Europe’s first and premiere economics festival – which brings together some of the world’s leading economists, financial analysts and media commentators with some of our funniest, sharpest stand-up comedians. It’s been called “Davos with jokes” and we wouldn’t disagree with that assessment.


To be in with a chance of being selected to pitch during Kilkenomics, companies should fill in the application form here by Thursday October 12th. The applicants can be for-profit start-ups or businesses that need additional funds for promotion or expansion.


Mike Driver

Mike Driver started, built and sold M2 before cofounding Convex Capital. Convex Capital helps entrepreneurs sell their businesses. Mike has sold over 50 entrepreneur owned businesses mainly in the tech sector in the last four years with a collective value over $1 billion. Mike is an advocate for the role that real entrepreneurs can play in rejuvenating economies.

Sarah O'Connor

Sarah is co-founder of the Cool Food Company. Sarah went on to become country programme manager for Ireland for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Programme working closely with Ireland’s premier network of 400+ entrepreneurs. Sarah left EY to pursue her passion for food. Sarah is also a member of the Sandbox Network Dublin Hub and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

Vikas Nath

Vikas Nath teaches at the Instituto de Empresas, a business school in Madrid, Spain. He is also the CEO for UK and Europe, Adani Group, an Indian infrastructure company. However, most of his professional career has been in financial services – as an emerging markets strategist at several investment banks in the City of London and New York. He also ran an emerging markets fund for 5 years.

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